Vanlifer in the forest with their van camping under the stars
Your dream,
Your road trip,
Your camper van


Facilitator of adventures and experiences
Beautiful finish of a window inside a van

100% tailor-made layout

After helping you define your project, we provide regular monitoring during all the phases of implementation.

Whatever your budget, your energy needs or the ergonomics best suited to your lifestyle, we transform your vehicle hand in hand with you.

Encourage the local economy

Human contact comes first

We work in collaboration with local artisans and artists in order to offer you a creative and adapted professional service.

Coworker discussing a new van project

The Artivan

VW westfalia on a road trip through the state of Utah in the USA

Vanlife, a nomadic way of life

Artivan was born from the love for van life, from a desire to help others go on an adventure with their creation and from an interest in the development of the local economy.

Camper Van conversion videos
Let's bring your dream to life together