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Who are we ?

About us

Artivan Conversions is a company specializing in the design and manufacture of specialized commercial vehicle conversions, as well as four-season off grid campervans.

As the go-to manufacturer for 100% customized vehicle conversions in Canada, Artivan has developed several methods and systems tailored to meet all of our clients’ needs. Above all else we value safety, functionality, long lasting relationships and environmentally sustainable practices.

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Artivan was founded by Cedric in 2019, a mechanical engineer by training who worked for over a decade in energy consulting and in designing automated industrial systems.

As someone who values outdoor adventure (rock climbing, backcountry skiing, canoe camping) and making a positive impact in the world, Cedric found himself driven by the need to live in alignment with his values. In 2019 he founded Artivan to use his skills to service the community.

Who are we

We are a dedicated team of van life enthusiasts with professional backgrounds in mechanical engineering, aerospace engineering, robotics, electrician and woodworking trades.

As a fast growing company, we value inclusivity and hard work which is reflected in our variety of cultural backgrounds and gender identities. We take pride in our diversity because it’s what allows us to keep innovating and bring the best solutions to the table.

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