Services We Offer

At Artivan we offer full conversion services starting from an empty vehicle until the very last detail. We also offer partial services if you’d like us to take care of only specific aspects of your conversion project. No matter which service you’d like, we work hand-in-hand with you to carry out your project.

Full Conversion Service

  • Project evaluation (meetings, quote)
  • Design (calculation of electrical requirements, 2D diagram of electrical system and 3D interior layout)
  • Installation and manufacturing
  • Regular status updates
  • Exterior artwork by local artists

Partial Conversion Service

  • Solar and electric installation
  • Interior upgrades
  • Plumbing and water system installation
  • Propane tank installation
  • Custom seating
  • Insulation installation
  • Cabinetry / Woodwork fabrication
  • Windows, Ladder, Roof Rack Installation

Conversion Consultation

  •  Live one-on-one conversation with our lead engineer
  • Get answers to all of your technical questions about any aspect of your conversion project
  • Receive suggestions and resources to help you further your project
  • Get recommendations on exact materials and equipment to use
  • Gain a realistic expectation of costs and budget
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Full Conversion Service

With the full conversion package we offer, comes an opportunity to let our team with over two decades of professional engineering and woodworking experience help you realize your vehicle conversion project. Every aspect of the vehicle conversion is fully customisable meaning you can decide, down to the finest detail, what the final product will look like. We work closely with you from the very initial stages of planning and design, where we calculate your energy requirements, the 3D layout and the choice of materials and equipment.

Once this is completely aligned with your expectations, we start production and provide regular status updates with you, leaving space for modifications on the design and quote if necessary.

Our goal is that you feel in total control of your project throughout your journey with Artivan. 

Partial Conversion Service

If you plan to, or already have completed different phases of your vehicle conversion, you can outsource specific components of the project to Artivan. For example, we can take care of just your insulation, woodwork, water systems, electrical systems and equipment installation.

While there is a certain satisfaction that comes from building your van on your own, the time spent and mistakes made can often end up costing much more than hiring our trusted team who have thousands of hours of experience designing and installing van conversion systems of all different types.

The à la carte service makes it possible to adapt and meet the specific needs of customers

One-on-one Consultation

Whether you’re just starting to figure out which van to get, or you’re putting the finishing touches on your converted vehicle, we can help answer all your questions through a live video call and Q&A session.

The consultations can be as loose or as structured as you like, our goal is that you leave the consultation more informed and with a clearer idea of your priorities. Common questions include what van to get, planning & design considerations, insulation, plumbing, electrical, carpentry, propane, and more but there are no limits on the type of topics related to your conversion project that our team can answer for you.

With over 20 years of experience as engineers, carpenters and campervan builders, we can offer our full expertise to empower you to take this project into your own hands.

Whatever your needs are, we have a solution for you