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The Rond-Point Intervention Center

Nissan NV2500, 1990

This 2019 Nissan NV2500 was fully converted into a 4-season mobile social outreach vehicle for the Rond-Point Intervention Centre (CIRP). A non-profit organization, the CIRP welcomes and supports people with needs relating to addiction, living environment, street work, and sexual health. Their outreach vehicle will be a safe space to reach and support people living on the streets or in high-risk situations.

It features a lithium battery, 12V fridge, charger/inverter, heating system, ceiling ventilation system, microwave, sink, privacy curtain, and table + seats for up to 6 people.

“We felt confident right from the start with our meeting with Cedric. His expertise and understanding of our needs shone through in our conversation. You could tell that the team enjoyed working together and that they were committed to providing quality service. The whole experience was pleasant, and the result is spectacular.”

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New Pathways Foundation’s Mobile Base Camp

21 x 8 foot trailer

This outreach vehicle was built for the non-for-profit organization, New Pathways Foundation which was founded by First Nations in 2010 to work for the future and well-being of First Nations youth in Quebec. Its mission is to help young people develop their full potential and confidence in a better future through a strong identity.

One way they do this is through pop-up camps with the objective of empowering First Nations youth to build new trails for their communities and for this initiative, they commissioned Artivan to convert a 21 x 8 foot trailer into a mobile base camp equipped with a wall that transforms into a stage or terrace, fully equipped kitchen, enough storage space for all the trail building equipment and more!

Since these communities can often be in remote areas, the suspensions of the trailer had to be upgraded to be able to go into remote terrain.

Fitted with an electric winch pulley system the trailer walls can be lowered and used as a stage for performances or terrace to enjoy meals. The lighting system of the trailer is also synchronized to the music for shows and general ambiance. Electricity for the trailer comes from lithium batteries and solar panels. 

The fully equipped kitchen has 2 Dometic coolers and a propane oven, enough to prepare meals for the community. We fitted fresh water and gray water tanks with a capacity of 120 liters, also useful for the external hot shower we installed.

Windows were added to the trailer and we built enough storage space to fit all the equipment required to open and build new trails. In addition to lots of cabinets, The long foldable bench has storage underneath, as well as the electric system hidden under. There’s also a moveable bench with storage that can be moved onto the terrace for extra seating.

ChezSoi Dentaire’s Mobile Dental Hygiene Clinic

Mercedes Sprinter 144WB

Artivan is proud to have collaborated with ChezSoi Dentaire to design and build the first mobile dental hygiene clinic in Quebec. Patients can receive care from this dental hygienist van converted into a dental room at the location of their choice; whether at your home, workplace, school, or daycare. 

This method of offering dental hygiene care is more cost-effective as it avoids the overhead costs associated with maintaining a traditional dental office while allowing patients to save on travel costs to a dental clinic. Mobile dental hygiene services allow for direct oral care to be offered to populations, improving access to these services for at-risk clientele such as young people, seniors, people with reduced mobility, and those living in remote areas.

“I had a very good feeling after the first video conference meeting. Cédric was very enthusiastic about the project and his background in pharmaceutical engineering appealed to me. He already had some ideas in mind when we first met, so that's one of the things that made me want to go ahead.”

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Caravane Philanthrope’s “Rolling Companion”

Chevy Beauford 1993

Caravane Philanthrope is an organization that works free of charge with vulnerable children and marginalized populations in Quebec (people experiencing homelessness, CHSLDs, etc.) and internationally (refugee camps, orphanages, etc.).​ Their projects contribute to the well-being and development of individuals and their communities, through various artistic and social practices, but mainly through social circus and therapeutic clowning.

Guillaume, founder of Caravane Philanthrope and Annie, a social worker, came to us with their conversion project in 2021, after a trip to Gaspésie with a van borrowed from friends. Realizing that their humanitarian work could go much further with a “rolling companion”, they gathered funding, came to Cedric, and the rest is history. Their converted Chevy, affectionately called “Monique”, allowed them to have an autonomous and low cost way to do their humanitarian work, not to mention a lower ecological footprint than flying. Their first humanitarian trip with “Monique” was to the refugee camp between the Mexican and US border and today Caravane Philanthrope has grown significantly, offering different services and doing important work in marginalized communities around the world.
Annie, Guillaume & Monique

Monique in the news

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